Why You Should Check Out The Lodge at Kukui’ula

Kukui’ula is a beautiful stretch of the Kayua’i island in Hawaii, and the Lodge is one of the prime destinations in this location. The place literally looks like heaven on earth, and there is no shortage of luxurious rooms to stay in that go all the way from bungalows to cottages and villas. There is also an ample number of things that you can do at this location, with one of the best examples being the eighteen hole golf course. If golf is your thing, this world class course is just what you will need. There are also a number of other sporting options such as the tennis courts and the like.

If you are looking for excitement but don’t really know how to go about looking for it, Huaka’i Outfitters team will have you sorted out. They provide one of a kind adventures that would really get you into the Hawaii spirit and enable you to get experiences that you might not have otherwise gotten. These adventures are great for people looking for an out of the box experience, one that would really make the trip to this island paradise worth it.

Some of the activities that this team of adventurous experts will provide include all day snorkeling trips that will make you feel like you are one with the ocean all the way to kayak fishing which will give you a deep sense of relaxation and get you some delicious, fresh fish to eat as well!

These adventures are being taken up a notch in the new year, with a new program named “Intensives”. This program basically involves three day long training clinics. The adventures that you will go on are more than just leisure activities. You will be legitimately trained and will learn important skills that could help you a great deal later on in life. If you want to get better at sports or adventurous activities, the Intensives program could be just what you need. It would also be a great way for people that want to keep exercising to stay fit even while they are on vacation!

The first Intensive that will be taught is the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe program. Taught by the captain of the Team Olukai canoe and esteemed member of the Outfitters team Jason Dameron, this is the perfect training program for people that want to be sailors but don’t quite know where to start.

This Intensive will teach you all of the ins and outs of canoe sailing. You will learn how to tie knots that would never come undone, how to rig and de-rig a canoe, and how to handle things when the waters get rough. It is great for beginners but even people with intermediate sailing knowledge will have a lot to gain from this Intensive. This program can help you have a vacation that would enable you to take your life in a different direction once you head home.