The Ethical Advantages of Using Natural Cosmetics

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One really terrible aspect of this modern world and era that most of the humanity seems to be residing inside of is that we often don’t end up realizing just how much our lifestyles cause suffering in other parts of the world. A great example of this can be seen with makeup. At this current point in time, the vast majority of makeup brands take part in animal testing which is where they strip an animal of all of its agency by taking it out of the wild and putting it in some kind of a cage where they would conduct a number of really cruel tests on it.

This makes pretty much any kind of makeup that you would ever decide to use unethical without a shadow of a doubt, but if you were to opt for natural makeup brands then you would no longer have to feel guilty at all. Natural cosmetics are based on the notion that no chemicals should ever be used in the formulas of the products and perhaps more importantly than that they don’t involve any kinds of tests that might be done on animals and the like.

It can be difficult to justify looking good in any way if these good looks come at the expense of innocent animals who have done nothing at all to harm anyone. The makeup industry is probably not going to change, so you should just switch to natural cosmetics on your own. This is also going to help pressure the mainstream makeup industry to change their practices and try to become a little more ethical with how they test out the products that they sell all in all.