Questions You Should Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

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While this might be unfortunate, you might have to hire a criminal defense lawyer at some point in your life. We all are prone to making mistakes, but having criminal charges laid against you isn’t a joke, and your whole life can be at stake.

Not knowing what to look for when hiring a lawyer can be a pain in the head when you’re already arrested and are dealing with emotional pressure. That’s why many people make the mistakes of not hiring a good lawyer, and this does more harm than good to their case. So, here are some questions you should ask a criminal defense lawyer before hiring him for your case. You can visit for more information.

Can I Speak to Some of Your Past Clients?

Since you’re putting yourself at the mercy if your criminal defense lawyer to fight against the charges, you have the right to talk to some of their past clients to assess the quality of their service. You can ask their client about the experience they had with the lawyer.

A good lawyer doesn’t only focus on the case, but he focuses on providing his client with the best possible service as well. So, only hire the lawyer who has a good history with his clients.

What is Your Fee Structure?

Some lawyers charge an inclusive fee, while other charge an hourly rate. Inclusive rate is what you should go for if you want a smooth experience with your lawyer. Also, ask them to write down all the charges clearly, and there should be no hidden fees as well.

Ask your lawyer to write down a well-explained contract and sign it. This will keep both of you safe from unnecessary confusion if anything goes wrong later on in the case.