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6 Great Coastal Sailing Tips

Cruising along the coast is one of the most enjoyable activities there is. However, before you set sail you need to make sure that you are well informed enough to tackle any obstacle that comes your way, because… Read More

Why You Should Check Out The Lodge at Kukui’ula

Kukui’ula is a beautiful stretch of the Kayua’i island in Hawaii, and the Lodge is one of the prime destinations in this location. The place literally looks like heaven on earth, and there is no shortage of luxurious… Read More

How to Go Canoeing And Kayaking With a Dog

Going canoeing and kayaking can be a very enjoyable experience, and there is probably no better way to take part in this activity than with man’s best friend, a dog! However, taking an animal out onto open water… Read More

First wakeboard in new boat

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